The use of devices and processes that are powered by electricity and electrical currents is a very big part of modern life.  In some instances, the use of electrical devices became an essential part of many industries.  For instance, the health sector makes use of scanners and monitors to save lives every day.

Electrical manufacturing became a vital role player in almost all industries and households.

Electrical Manufacturing Videos

Following are a few videos that will show and explain what goes into the manufacturing of the many different components, and many different devices that are included in electrical manufacturing.

These videos can be found on YouTube

“ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS/Manufacturing” processes will explain the role that electrical manufacturing plays in the making of components needed in vehicle assembly.

“Do you know how an electrical cable is manufactured?” This video shows how an electrical cable is made and the technology needed to ensure that the cable will stay in a good condition for several years to come.  These manufacturing processes need highly qualified persons to perform these tasks.

“Electric Motor Manufacturing Process – HOW IT’S MADE -Discover Electric Motor Manufacturing Process” will show the motor-making process and explain everything that goes into the manufacturing of a motor.

These videos only give a little more insight into the world of Electrical Manufacturing.